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The Healing Knight

       We live in a world where we are ruled by invisible forces.  Gravity binds us to the earth’s surface.  Oxygen allows us to breathe and live.   Bacteria haunt the doorknobs of stores.  One incredibly positive invisible force is part of the electromagnetic light spectrum (ES) and is called Far Infrared (FIR).  Far infrared exposure has been proven to significantly improve virtually every condition or illness known to mankind.  The positive results of far infrared are impossible to deny or discount.  Today, it is known to be one of the most powerfully healthy forces in the natural world.  Due to the acceleration of technology, biomedical engineers have created ways to harness the power of far infrared and put it in passive objects such as ceramic nano tiles, blankets, bandages, and crystal gems.  The objects that contain the infrared are then said to be emissive; that is, they can emit far infrared energy waves bathing nearby objects with this positive energy.

       Healing Knight™ is a line of highly emissive crystal and gemstone jewelry and accessory pieces for adults, children, and pets.  There are even FIR products to reduce food loss during storage and to improve the freshness and terpene power of cannabis. 

Uni-sex Bracelets and Necklaces, Women’s Necklaces and Earrings, Children’s Bracelets, Pet Collar Charms, and Natural Preservative Devices.