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 Although we are headquartered in Las Vegas, this is no gamble.   We have the products and information.  We have the marketing support and pricing.  You have the motivation.  Working together; winning is a sure thing.

As of this moment, you are part of Team Arisha.  Arisha is a name created by pairing parts of the names Ariel and Sadiesha together.  Arisha is a term associated with cooperative partnering, strength, and greatness.  You will always have direct access to Arisha - one or both of us – that is our unwavering commitment to you.  Now that you are part of Arisha; you best know what you are part of.  That’s The Arisha Difference.  The Arisha Difference is a combination of the business history of our company and the vision we have for an even brighter future. 

The Business:  Arisha is a completely new concept, but not a completely new company.  We are a family business with roots in product manufacturing and sales, going back 40 years.  Our total sales revenues have topped 25 billion in US dollar revenues.  Our Web 2.0 experience stretches back to being the original investor and organizer of Aimster/Madster, the first ever peer-to-peer software network that connected most computers worldwide to share music, video, etc.  Then as full working partners and investors in Intermix Media, the creators of MySpace as well as various other major internet e-commerce companies.


While we remain a leader in nutraceutical and nutritional gummies, capsules, liquids, soft gels, and topicals, we have been involved in cannabis production, manufacturing, and sales for 7 years.  Currently, we have over 3,500 different cannabis products for sale under various labels including our new Arisha label (, 

and the premier brand of Delta 8 vaping cartridges, our Delta King Pen cartridges, which have sold over a million units since 2019. 


Today, it is important to address the question of a business and its views on the importance of being socially aware in the 2022 marketplace.   Arisha Diversified, LLC. is a highly socially aware company.

         Arisha is a 100% woman-owned business, as well as a minority-owned business.  Arisha, LLC. Is a legally registered limited liability company in Wyoming.  Arisha is a Federally Certified Vendor for the United States Government, as both Black/Minority-Owned, and Women-Owned and is certified as a member of the EDWOSB, an Economically Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Business.   


         We believe in giving back to communities throughout the world.  For example, every single order shipped direct to consumers or shipped to store owners feeds a starving child in the world for a full week.  We have been doing that for over a decade and have fed millions of children, being part of the solution that has cut childhood death from starvation in half since 2010.  


         We are also a very socially aware company with knowledge of and roots in experiencing some of the societal dis-equity common today.  For example, Sha’s actual paternal grandfather was one of the last freed slaves.  She is considered by some to be the youngest person in America with a genetic grandparent who was in enslaved.  Ari, on the other hand, being Jewish, has suffered from much anti-Sematic hatred and bullying online and in the real world.  Arisha is also supportive of the LGBTQ+ community as well as many other important causes.

        Ari (Ariel, She, They) 23, is a final semester senior international business and finance major at the University of Las Vegas and a lifetime resident of the Las Vegas area.  A graduate of the world-renown Adelson Educational Campus, Ariel was always at the top of her academic class, and she was very active as a nationally ranked archer, cheerleader, and captain of the debate and philanthropy teams.  Ari’s main business interests surround Web 3.0, crypto, and product manufacturing and marketing.  Her hobbies include appearing on music tracks with Sha’s band Manic Sound Expulsion, off-roading, and traveling the world.  Today, Ariel is Co-CEO of Arisha Diversified (with Sha) and manages the product and financial service activities of Arisha Diversified.

        Sadie-Sha (Sadie, She, They), 41, is a graduate of the State University of New York at Albany with a major in International Business and Latin Caribbean Studies.  She is a veteran broadcast TV personality with a background hosting a popular entertainment show on CBS’s CW Network.  She was also a daily morning show personality and host for a Spanish TV daily morning variety show and a recording artist who had the #4 song on Spotify’s 2020 Summer Jam’s International Top 20 songs.  Sadie’s business career has seen many firsts, i.e., in 2014, she was chosen by the Indian International Film Academy (IIFA) in Mumbai, India to be the American representative for women empowered commerce, for the 2014 ‘Bollywood’ Awards – a multi-day event that was held in the US for the first time ever that year.  She was a platinum participant, holding education and product seminars, continuously throughout the week.  To support her brands, Sadie was one of the first of the world’s popular live streamers setting records on Periscope and other live streaming services, amassing over four million followers and over two billion minutes watched from live streaming content.  Her content formed the basis of successful workout programs like J20 which supported a well-known fitness nutrition product, jewelry making which led to a highly successful jewelry design, manufacturing, and sales business, among other notable successes, and one of the largest crowdfunding sites in history, etc.  Today, Sadie is Co-CEO of Arisha Diversified with Ari and manages the sales and media activities of Arisha Diversified and related companies.

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