Enjoy the NEW ArishaLand Edu-Tain Calendar

If you enjoy all things culture – cannabis, crypto, music, gambling, gaming, fashion, entertainment, NFTs, and so on - you are going to absolutely fall in love with 2022.  

The 2022 ArishaLand Digital Calendar and download your free HD photo or video of us, and some of our mischievous culture loving friends our here in Southern California and Las Vegas.  Simply by checking your digital calendar, each morning you will be able to inject a bit of excitement along with a line or two of cultural wisdom.  Maybe you have fallen a little out of step with some of the more cutting-edge cultural trends or perhaps you just want to warm up these next few chilly months, we promise to overdeliver for you.

Our mission in ArishaLand is to educate and inform, while always making culture and science sexy.  Who says learning can’t be enjoyable?

Please allow us to Edu-Tain You! 


Wow, that was easy. Thanks!


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