Use Ning™ BURN to burn more fat, calories and reduce your weight.



Get the unfair advantage of increased calorie burning by using the natural terpene scents in Ning™ BURN. Promote fat loss by burning calories faster through the power of scent! Every day we breathe over 23,000 times, flooding our brain with up to 10,000 different scent molecules.

*Science has uncovered very specific natural, plant-based scent molecules called terpens which significantly increase fat oxidation by activating receptor groups in the sympathetic nerve endings in fat tissue which then increase site specific noradrenaline.


How To Use

Place onto the septum part of the nose. Breathe as normal. Scent may wear off in approximately 4-6 hours.


About Ning™

Its Colorless, Biocompatible, Hypoallergenic, Medical Grade, Metal Free & Made in USA



1 Terpene Infused Nose Ring


**$3.99 Retail Price for Single Ning**

**$39.95 Retail Price for Pack of 12**