Ning™ PAIN is a natural pain reliever for aches and pains and was created to help stimulate natural body healing.



Feel relief from pain, headaches and body aches using the natural scents of the Ning™ PAIN. It's a trendy nose ring that provides a spa like comfort and relief using nature's scents. Put out the fire of inflammation and sooth the throb of nagging pain so you can enjoy life again.

*Science has uncovered very specific natural, plant-based scent molecules which significantly diminish inflammation and physical discomfort by activating receptor groups in the thalamus.


How To Use

Place onto the septum part of the nose. Breathe as normal. Scent may wear off in approximately 4-6 hours.


About Ning™

Its Colorless, Biocompatible, Hypoallergenic, Medical Grade, Metal Free & Made in USA



1 Terpene Infused Nose Ring


**$3.99 Retail Price for Single Ning**

**$39.95 Retail Price for Pack of 12**